Sidewalk Advocates

Ministering outside the abortion clinic requires a lot of prayers and a heart that overflows with love with those who are hurting.  It is not always easy, but it is a blessing to minister to those who are hurting.  

You can purchase a rally sign online or simply make your own with posterboard and makers.  Examples of good slogans are: “Baby is Another Name for Fetus”, “I am a Former Fetus” (great for a child to hold), “Adoption is a Loving Option”, “We Love You and Your Baby”, “Let Your Baby Live”, “You are Not Alone”, “Babies are a Blessing”… our family likes to use positive messages like these).   There are links to websites that sell pre-made or custom order signs and posters on the Ministry Resource page if you would like to purchase signs to use as you minister.

You may also pass out info to anyone who will stop.  You can write a letter to them, gather information online, or purchase brochures.  If a car will not stop, pray for them, that the Lord would soften their heart and give you an opportunity to minister to them before they have an abortion or as they leave.  Please check the Ministry Resource page for links to websites that carry pro-life literature.

Days and Times
If you would like to minister on a specific day/time, please message us and we will add you to our calendar.  At this time, there are many hours without any coverage.  Would your church be willing to take a time slot?

Also check out 40 Days for Life Greenville for their scheduled campaigns.

Ministering in Groups
I would also encourage you to go with a friend or your whole family.  A larger group will draw more attention to the fact that the lives are being taken through abortion right in Greenville. Your presence there will make a difference!

Sidewalk Advocates for Life Greenville provide training on how to be an effective sidewalk advocate multiple times throughout the year. Visit their Facebook Page for more information.