22 Jan

Personhood Day at the State House | January 24

Wednesday, January 24 is Personhood Day at the SC State House. From 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. we will send a loud and clear message to the men and women of the SC Legislature: it is time to protect children in the womb!

From the first floor rotunda, several speakers will call for the Personhood Act of South Carolina to get the legislative attention that it deserves and is long overdue. The most important element of the day will be to pack the State House with Personhood supporters. We need you to come to Columbia! Make plans to be at the State House from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. Please email or call your Senator and Representative, letting them know you’ll be attending Personhood Day. Also, schedule an appointment with them to tell them in person that you expect to see abortion ended in South Carolina.

Help us spread the word about Personhood Day. Forward this email to three or four of your interested friends.

We are asking the Lord to fill the first floor rotunda to overflowing with His people standing for these innocent babies. Please join us and spread the word to make this happen!

Personhood Day
SC State House (1100 Gervais St, Columbia, SC 29201)
First Floor Rotunda
Wednesday, January 24
11 a.m.

Sincerely in Christ,
Personhood SC Board

Source: Personhood Day at the State House | January 24

19 Jul

Republicans Adopt Most Pro-Life Platform Ever Condemning Abortion and Planned Parenthood


On a voice vote at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland Ohio today, GOP delegates from every state and territory in the nation adopted what pro-life advocates consider to be the strongest pro-life platform the Republican party has ever adopted.