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200 members of Congress stand against attempt to force taxpayers to fund abortion

via Live Action News January 27, 2021 at 04:34PM

This week, 200 Republicans in Congress pledged to stand in support of the Hyde Amendment — which prevents federal taxpayer funding of abortion through government programs such as Medicaid — as President Joe Biden works with abortion supporters in Congress to end the nearly five-decade-long rider.

“Conservative Republicans are sending a strong statement to congressional leaders: We will not stand idle as radical Democrats work to end the ban on taxpayer-funded abortions,” Rep. Jim Banks (R-Ind.) told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “I pray this show of solidarity will save the Hyde Amendment and save thousands of innocent lives.”

Banks sent a letter Tuesday to congressional leaders that pledged to oppose any legislation that would either eliminate or weaken the Hyde Amendment. That letter describes the push to end the Hyde Amendment as “pro-abortion crusade.”

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The Hyde Amendment has saved an estimated 2.4 million lives from abortion and if it is eliminated, an estimated 60,000 more children will be killed by the abortion industry each year in the United States. While opponents of the amendment have labeled it “racist,” claiming that many Black women depend on Medicaid for health care, supporters say allowing the government to pay for the abortions of underprivileged and minority women will pressure women to abort when they otherwise would not consider it.

“[W]omen are coerced into having abortions by their parents, by their partners, by their employers, and by the abortion industry workers, staff, and doctors,” Christina Bennett, communications director for Family Institute of Connecticut, explained in an interview with Live Action News. “And so when you make abortion free [of cost to the client], you’re adding to that encouragement. You’re encouraging abortion when you make it free because, just in general, that’s a sales tactic, making something free. If something is free you’re going to consider it regardless of what it is. If someone says, ‘Do you want this? It’s free.” You’re going to think, ‘Do I want this?’ So, for women who are already vulnerable, already under pressure to abort, it becomes this enticement.”

The Hyde Amendment preventing taxpayer funding of abortion has long had bipartisan support, with every president since 1976 signing the appropriations bill with the inclusion of the Hyde Amendment. Up until June 2019, Biden also supported the Hyde Amendment until Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion groups pressured him into changing his position. Within 24 hours, he announced that he no longer supported Hyde.

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27 Jan

South Carolina Senate Approves Bill Banning Abortions When Unborn Baby’s Heartbeat Begins

via LifeNews.com January 27, 2021 at 06:04PM

The South Carolina state Senate has given initial approval to a bill that would ban abortions when an unborn baby’s heart begins beating. A final vote is expected to pass the bill on Thursday.

The South Carolina Fetal Heartbeat and Protection from Abortion Act (Senate Bill 1) received a second reading favorable vote of 29-17.

The bill would prohibit abortions after an unborn baby’s heartbeat is detectable, typically about six weeks of pregnancy. Exceptions would be allowed for medical emergencies and risks to the mother’s life. Abortionists who violate the law could face a $10,000 fine or imprisonment for up to two years.

The pro-life legislation has the potential to save thousands of babies’ lives each year. The state health department reported more than 2,500 abortions after six weeks in 2019.

Here’s more:

Democrats promised a tough fight both through filibuster and any legislative machinations they can find, but with just one Republican in the chamber voting against the bill, their chances to stop the bill seem dim. Sen. Sandy Senn of Charleston was the only Republican to vote against it.

The bill requires doctors to use an ultrasound to try to detect a fetal heartbeat if they think pregnant women are at least eight weeks along. If they find a heartbeat, and the pregnancy is not the result of rape or incest, they can’t perform the abortion unless the mother’s life is in danger

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House Speaker Jay Lucas promised Wednesday if the bill passes the Senate, he would get it before the House as soon as possible.

“We will pass it like we’ve done in the past,” the Republican from Hartsville said.

The House approved the bill last session 70-31.

Gov. Henry McMaster, a pro-life Republican, promised to sign the bill if it reaches his desk.

“Let this be the year that we further protect the sanctity of life — with the heartbeat bill,” he said during his state of the state address earlier this month. “It’s time to vote. Send me the heartbeat bill and I will immediately sign it into law.”

South Carolina lawmakers have been trying to pass a heartbeat bill for years and, after Republicans gained seats in the state legislature in November, many hope 2021 will be the year.

Polls suggest many Americans support strong limits on abortion. A 2019 Hill-HarrisX survey found that 55 percent of voters said they do not think laws banning abortions after six weeks – when an unborn baby’s heartbeat is detectable – are too restrictive. Gallup polls also consistently have found that a majority of Americans think all or most abortions should be illegal.

A number of states have passed heartbeat laws in recent years, but most have been banned from enforcing them due to legal challenges by abortion activist groups.

Drexel University Law professor David Cohen told WCSC 5 Live that abortion advocacy groups have been winning against heartbeat laws in court.

“ACLU, Planned Parenthoods, and the Center for Reproductive Rights, and unless the Supreme Court overturns Roe,” Cohen said. “They will all win. And when they win they will get money from the people of South Carolina.”

Other states with heartbeat laws include Georgia, Iowa, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, Ohio and Tennessee. However, all of the states have been blocked from enforcing them by court orders.

Some pro-lifers have renewed hope that the U.S. Supreme Court will uphold an abortion ban and overturn Roe v. Wade. Others, however, are hesitant because of concerns about losing the court battle and being forced to reimburse pro-abortion groups for their legal fees.

Though the high court currently has a conservative majority, Chief Justice John Roberts, who was nominated by a Republican president, has sided with the liberal justices on a number of occasions.

North Dakota and Arkansas passed heartbeat laws several years ago, but federal courts struck down both laws.

The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals said the following about its ruling on the six-week abortion ban: “Because there is no genuine dispute that (North Dakota’s law) generally prohibits abortions before viability — as the Supreme Court has defined that concept — and because we are bound by Supreme Court precedent holding that states may not prohibit pre-viability abortions, we must affirm the district court’s grant of summary judgment to the plaintiffs.”

The Supreme Court took away the states’ ability to protect unborn babies from abortion under Roe v. Wade, and instead allowed abortion on demand through all nine months of pregnancy. Roe made the United States one of only seven countries in the world that allows elective abortions after 20 weeks.

27 Jan

Just 15% of Americans Agree With Joe Biden’s Position Supporting Abortions Up to Birth

via LifeNews.com January 27, 2021 at 03:30PM

President Joe Biden’s position on abortion is widely unpopular with Americans, including many Democrats and those who identify as pro-choice, according to a new poll.

Released Wednesday, the Maris/Knights of Columbus poll found that just 15 percent of Americans believe abortions should be available to a woman any time during her entire pregnancy. In contrast, 76 percent of Americans (including 55 percent who identify as pro-choice) support strong limits on abortion.

“Amidst the harsh political divides in our country, clear bipartisan majorities support abortion restrictions and do not want their tax dollars paying for abortion abroad,” said Carl Anderson, Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus, in a statement.

The new poll results are not unusual. Gallup and other polling groups have found similarly strong opposition to abortion on demand. These consistent findings make it clear that Biden and his administration are not representing the will of the people but the agenda of the billion-dollar abortion industry.

Biden, a pro-abortion Democrat who professes to be a devout Catholic, says he wants to restore unity to the country. However, these polls suggest his plans to “codify” Roe v. Wade into federal law and force taxpayers to fund abortions would do the opposite.

“Codifying” Roe would cement abortion on demand into federal law, so that abortions would remain legal even if the U.S. Supreme Court overturns the ruling. Roe forced states to legalize abortions for basically any reason up to birth and made the U.S. one of only seven countries in the world that allows elective abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

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Most Americans support strong restrictions on abortion, especially after the first trimester, as the Marist poll found. But Biden does not. In June, he said he believes in a “woman’s constitutional right to choice under any circumstances.”

The president wants to force American taxpayers to pay for abortions, too. Any day now, Biden is expected to sign an executive order to rescind the Mexico City Policy, which prohibits taxpayer funding to international aid groups that promote and/or provide abortions.

An overwhelming majority of Americans oppose Biden’s plan. According to the Marist poll, 77 percent oppose using tax dollars to support abortion in other countries. Significantly, this includes a majority of Democrats (55 percent) and pro-choice Americans (64 percent).

Most Americans (58 percent) also oppose using tax dollars to fund abortions in the U.S. Yet, Biden recently began backing the Democratic Party’s plans to end the Hyde Amendment and force taxpayers to pay for elective abortions.

About 900,000 unborn babies are aborted every year in America, and about 62 million have been aborted since 1973 when the U.S. Supreme Court forced states to legalize abortion on demand. If Biden succeeds in enacting his radical agenda, even more unborn babies will be killed in elective, completely unnecessary abortions.

Anderson said he hopes politicians will pay attention to the polls and represent Americans’ views on the matter.

“The American people show consensus and restraint on this issue, and we hope that our elected officials and policy makers will heed this call for unity when there is far too much that divides us in our politics today,” he said.

27 Jan

Pro-Life Law in Poland Goes Into Effect Today Banning Abortions, Protecting Unborn Babies

via LifeNews.com January 27, 2021 at 12:55PM

The Polish government plans to begin enforcing a new anti-discrimination ruling that prohibits abortions on unborn babies with disabilities.

Reuters reports the government announced that, starting Wednesday, it will enforce the October ruling by its Constitutional Court.

Poland is one of the few European countries that protects unborn babies from abortions in almost all circumstances. On Oct. 22, its Constitutional Court struck down one of the few exceptions allowed in its 1993 abortion law: abortions on unborn babies with disabilities. The justices ruled that the exception violates the constitution because it discriminates against human beings with disabilities.

The ruling could save thousands of babies’ lives. Polish health officials reported 1,100 abortions in 2019. The country still allows abortions in cases of rape, incest or threats to the mother’s life.

A “silent majority” of the largely Catholic country supports wide-spread protections for unborn babies, according to a recent AFP report. Evidence of this can be seen in polls and recent elections where voters repeatedly have elected strong pro-life majorities to parliament.

Recent polls indicate that the “devout Catholic country is far from turning pro-choice,” the report continued. These include an October poll by Kantar that found 62 percent believe abortion should be legal only in limited cases and 11 percent believe it should be completely illegal. Another poll by Estymator last fall found that 67 percent support the existing law, while only 19 percent want the country to expand abortions.

Pro-life advocates are active in Poland, working to educate people about unborn babies’ value and support them and their families.

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“One cannot kill a child for being sick. This is not a fetus, it is a child,” MP Maria Kurowska, of United Poland, told Reuters in October.

Mikolaj Pawlak, the commissioner for child rights in Poland, celebrated after the nation’s high court recognized that it is wrong to discriminate against unborn babies with disabilities.

“The decision of the Constitutional Court declaring eugenic abortion incompatible with the constitution is a victory of life over death,” Pawlak said in October. “It is a restoration of equal rights for every human being, including those who have not yet been born.”

Despite strong public support for unborn babies’ rights, Poland saw massive, violent protests in October after the ruling was announced.

Pro-abortion rioters vandalized buildings, disrupted church services, harassed Catholic Church leaders and blocked streets in major cities during the protests in the fall. Nearly 100 people were arrested during the first week of protests alone, according to an AP report.

Some pro-abortion leaders even called for more violence until the government meets their demands. In late October, leading abortion activist Marta Lempart with the pro-abortion group Strajk Kobiet told a local news outlet that protesters should continue to riot and vandalize, according to the Catholic News Agency.

Unborn babies with disabilities are discriminated against at an alarming rate, and this deadly discrimination is getting worse with advances in prenatal testing.

The Telegraph reports about 90 percent of unborn babies who test positive for Down syndrome in the United Kingdom are aborted. A recent report in the European Journal of Human Genetics found that the number of babies with Down syndrome born in the UK dropped 54 percent since the non-invasive prenatal screening tests became available about a decade ago.

What’s more, parents frequently report feeling pressured to abort unborn babies with Down syndrome and other disabilities. One mom recently told the BBC that she was pressured to abort her unborn daughter 15 times, including right up to the moment of her baby’s birth. Another mother from Brooklyn, New York said doctors tried to convince her to abort her unborn son for weeks before they took no for an answer.

27 Jan

Baby Saved in the Middle of the Abortion After Mom Changes Her Mind

via LifeNews.com January 26, 2021 at 07:36PM

Like many women facing unplanned pregnancy, Brianna* felt had no other choice but abortion. But with Abortion Pill Rescue® she was able to change her life’s narrative, learning some things along the way.

“Long term everything is better to go with your gut and keep your baby,” she said.

Finding herself in the grip of fear led Brianna to see abortion as her only option.

The mother of four explained how the at-risk situation with her baby’s father drove her to consider and agree to abortion – something she wouldn’t have otherwise done.

“I have always been pro-life,” she said. “If I wasn’t, I wouldn’t have had my first three kids. But this time I was cornered because of how horrible the baby’s father is—he is a narcissist.”

Brianna went on to describe this man as manipulative and how she had shut off contact with him. But then having found out about the pregnancy, Brianna contacted him to tell him about their child.

“He brought up abortion,” Brianna said. “The thought of it made me feel guilty because I already had three children.”

The abuse and the fear coming from her troubling experience with ex-partner took her down a road she believed she would never travel. Her thoughts went to a horrible environment in store for her son (in a life including his father).

Brianna is not overstating this, as her former partner has been violent toward her and her children, prompting a warrant for his arrest and her taking steps for her and the kids to reside in a safe location.

Prior to this pregnancy, Brianna had been seen at the same abortion clinic three times.

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With one of her previous pregnancies, she’d had received a sonogram and they instructed her to return the next day (for a possible abortion). But she never returned, until this last, her fourth pregnancy.

A female friend accompanied her this time, as she’d gone for a sonogram and returned the next day to take the first abortion pill.

Chemical abortion is a two-drug process. Mifepristone, or RU-486, is the first drug, which blocks progesterone, the natural hormone in a mother’s body necessary to sustain a pregnancy. The second drug, misoprostol, taken a day or so later, prompts labor, intending for the pregnant woman to deliver her deceased child.

If a mom experiences regret and acts soon enough after taking the first abortion pill, and begins abortion pill reversal, it may be possible to save her child.

Pro-life demonstrators were outside the facility when Brianna went there with her friend for the abortion pill, and one of them handed her friend a flyer containing Abortion Pill Rescue® (APR) information and the contact information for the Abortion Pill Rescue Network (APRN).

Brianna’s friend remembered that the flyer’s information included a section that said, “Is it too late?”

An hour after Brianna took the first abortion pill, her friend texted her, saying that according to the APR flyer information she had a few hours to try and save her baby; she then gave Brianna the flyer.

Using the number provided on the flyer Brianna called the APRN through Heartbeat International’s Option Line. From there she was redirected to a local pregnancy help medical clinic for APR treatment.

The protocol utilizes an FDA-approved treatment (for over 60 years) to prevent miscarriage, and statistics show that more than 2,000 lives and counting have been saved thanks to Abortion Pill Rescue.

As per the APR protocol, Brianna was sent to the pharmacy to pick up her prescription for progesterone.

The following day she went to pregnancy help center for a follow-up sonogram. At this visit she also signed up for free programs offered by the pregnancy center and to participate in a Bible study.

Brianna continued to take progesterone until the 14th week of the pregnancy. Her son is now four months old and completely healthy.

She described herself as, “Blessed.”

Brianna receives support from the father of her other children calling him, “A man with a big heart.”

“He was there for her first daughter’s birth and raised her as his own,” she added. “Now he is supportive and helps us financially. Without him, I don’t know what I would have done.”

Brianna continues to receive material aid from the pregnancy help organization that supported her and where she began her abortion pill reversal treatment.

Like many, her life has been affected by the coronavirus. Her older two children currently do distance learning for school, and in July Brianna had the virus. She was doing bookkeeping and accounting for an Airbnb property, but then had to go on unemployment. Nonetheless, she considers herself blessed.

Brianna reflected on her journey.

“Before taking that first abortion pill, I was completely and totally against abortions,” she said. “I thought I would never do it and would never support it.”

“That relationship put me in a situation to do the unthinkable,” she said.

“I was not told anything about the possible reversal of the abortion at the clinic,” Brianna also pointed out.

“Don’t waste your money, time and going through the awful cramping from the first abortion pill,” she added.

Asked if she had any advice for women in a similar situation, Brianna said, “If you are second-guessing having an abortion, you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place.

“Accept your situation,” she said, “and make the best of it.”

Editor’s note: A pseudonym has been used for Brianna.* Heartbeat International manages the Abortion Pill Rescue Network and Pregnancy Help News.

LifeNews Note: Kim Hayes is a writer for Pregnancy Help News. She has been a teacher, author, speaker and facilitator for marriage and family issues and married for over 35 years to Jeff, with four grown children. Kim’s counseling experience included 21 years as a volunteer consultant and trainer at Pregnancy Decision Health Centers. She was the Athletic Director of Columbus Crusaders Youth Sports ministry for 15 years. Kim has written several books, including the latest release, Prodigal Rewind: The Grateful Son. This originally appeared at Pregnancy Help News.

27 Jan

Catholic Bishop: “It’s a Scandal” for Joe Biden to Say He’s a “Devout” Catholic But Support Abortion

via LifeNews.com January 25, 2021 at 06:57PM

Last week we reposted excerpts from a letter sent to the newly inaugurated pro-abortion President Joe Biden from Archbishop  José Gomez in which the president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), offered his prayers to Mr. Biden and his family but also offered a reminder “that our new President has pledged to pursue certain policies that would advance moral evils and threaten human life and dignity.”

The first policy Archbishop Gomez cited was abortion.

Today, we’re reposting comments from a January 22 statement issued by Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann of Kansas City. Archbishop Naumann is chairman of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Committee on Pro-Life Activities. We are also reposting from a column Archbishop Naumann wrote for The Leaven, his archdiocese’s newspaper.

First, the statement, in response to President Biden’s and Vice President Kamala’s Harris’ statement describing the Roe v. Wade decision as “an advancement of women’s rights and health.”

“It is deeply disturbing and tragic that any President would praise and commit to codifying a Supreme Court ruling that denies unborn children their most basic human and civil right, the right to life, under the euphemistic disguise of a health service. I take this opportunity to remind all Catholics that the Catechism states, ‘Since the first century the Church has affirmed the moral evil of every procured abortion. This teaching has not changed and remains unchangeable.’ Public officials are responsible for not only their personal beliefs, but also the effects of their public actions. Roe’s elevation of abortion to the status of a protected right and its elimination of state restrictions paved the way for the violent deaths of more than 62 million innocent unborn children and for countless women who experience the heartache of loss, abandonment, and violence.

“We strongly urge the President to reject abortion and promote life-affirming aid to women and communities in need.”

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Then this lengthy but very important section from his column for The Leaven:

Today marks the 48th anniversary of the Supreme Court decisions that legalized abortion on demand throughout the United States. More than 60 million American children have been killed by abortion over the past 48 years. The fathers and mothers of these aborted children are not unscathed by the deaths of their daughters and sons.

Just a year ago, Pope Francis in a meeting with the bishops of Kansas, Missouri, Iowa and Nebraska reminded us that abortion is not primarily a religious issue, but a human rights issue.

The Holy Father said that in his dialogue with those who support abortion, he always asked two questions: 1) Is it ever right to kill a child to solve a problem? 2) Is it ever right to hire someone to kill a child to solve a problem?

One of the positive achievements of the Trump presidency was the appointment of many well-qualified federal judges and three Supreme Court justices who recognize and respect the limits of the courts’ authority. Their responsibility is to judge cases based on their compliance with the U.S. Constitution, not to invent rights and/or impose their personal philosophical beliefs on the nation.

President Trump also accomplished much through his cabinet appointments, executive orders and the interpretation and implementation of regulations that resulted in protecting unborn children, religious freedom and conscience rights.

During the campaign, President Biden promised not only to keep abortion legal but even to force taxpayers to fund abortion. He promised to renew government efforts to force the Little Sisters of the Poor to provide abortifacients in their lay employee health plans.

I hope that these are promises our new president will fail to keep. We must pray for President Biden to have a conversion of mind and heart on this most fundamental of all human rights issues.

It is a scandal to have a president who proudly professes to be a devout Catholic and at the same time has, in essence, pledged to be the most pro-abortion president in our history.

We need to pray for our new president, Joseph Biden, and Vice President Kamala Harris, that the Lord will bless them in fulfilling their responsibilities to lead our country.

We need to pray for the good of our nation that the Lord will bring forth blessings from a Biden presidency.

Based on his proposed cabinet appointments and the promises he made during the campaign, I anticipate the next four years will be very difficult and I will have to disagree vigorously with several of President Biden’s policy initiatives.

In a democratic republic, we need to be able to debate vigorously and honestly important public policy issues.

LifeNews.com Note: Dave Andrusko is the editor of National Right to Life News and an author and editor of several books on abortion topics. This post originally appeared in at National Right to Life News Today —- an online column on pro-life issues.

27 Jan

New Pro-Life Congresswoman Vows to Stand Against The Squad’s Leftist Agenda

via LifeNews.com January 25, 2021 at 01:18PM

Freshman Rep. Nicole Malliotakis, R-N.Y., is one of several new members of Congress who have formed the “Freedom Force.” The group of conservative Republican leaders says it will stand against the far-left agenda being promoted by the so-called squad led by fellow New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other liberal Democrats.

Malliotakis is the daughter of Greek and Cuban immigrants and says she decided to run for Congress when she saw the damage progressive policies were having on her state and across America. She joins the podcast to explain her policy priorities and how she plans to stand up against the left’s agenda.

Also on today’s show, we read your letters to the editor and share a good news story about an Anglican priest who started a small bike repair charity in his backyard after his own bicycle was stolen.

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Listen to the podcast below or read the lightly edited transcript.

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Virginia Allen: I am so pleased to welcome Rep. Nicole Malliotakis of New York to the show. Welcome, we are so pleased to have you here with us.

Rep. Nicole Malliotakis: It’s great to be with you. I appreciate your interest, and I want to wish everyone a happy New Year.

Allen: Well, Rep. Malliotakis, we want to begin by just talking a little bit about your background and your story.

You are the daughter of Greek and Cuban immigrants. So could you just explain a little bit about how your background and your family history really impacted your political views?

Malliotakis: Sure. Well, both my parents are immigrants. They came to New York City. They didn’t have any money, they didn’t have any friends. They came alone and they didn’t even speak the language at that time, but they came with a dedication to work very hard and to pursue the American dream.

My mom is a Cuban refugee, and she left to escape the Castro regime of Cuba in 1959. My father came in the ’60s and they met here in New York and, in many ways, is your basic quintessential New York story because New York is, as you know, a city that has attracted people from all over the world since the beginning.

And what I will say is that they certainly instilled in me a patriotism, a love for this country, an appreciation of this country, and a dedication to preserve the American dream for future generations.

My mom was always very passionate about the ability to elect your leaders and so she got me involved at a very young age.

I was in high school when I first got involved in a campaign for Congress at the time, it was New York City Councilman Vito Fossella, who ran for Congress and won in a special election. And here I am 23, 24 years later in that very seat. So that was sort of what had initiated my involvement in politics.

And my father comes from Greece, which is the birthplace of democracy. And so he, in his own right, also very passionate about our ability to elect our leaders. And so certainly they’ve influenced me and the values that I hold.

Allen: And you have been very involved in policy and politics in your own state for a number of years. You ran for mayor of New York City in 2017. You were the Republican nominee. Explain a little bit, though, about why you said, “OK, now is the time when I need to run for Congress.”

Malliotakis: Sure. Well, I’ve been in the New York state Legislature. I ran in 2010. I defeated a two-term incumbent, Democratic incumbent, then.

I ran simply because, as a tax-paying citizen, who’s commuting to work every day, I was very upset with the fact that buses were being eliminated and fares were going up and tolls were going up and taxes were going up and we weren’t getting the services that we deserve.

So I decided to run against the local assembly member and we were able to win that campaign.

For me, running for office, it’s always been about ensuring that we have proper representation. And if you noticed, and you look at my races, you’ll see that I’ve always run against an incumbent. I’ve never run into an open seat. I ran against a two-term incumbent for the state assembly. We won that race.

In 2017, I took on [New York City] Mayor Bill de Blasio because I felt the direction he was taking our city was the wrong one. And quite frankly, I was right.

I mean, you look at the rising crime, the rise in taxes, the ridiculous spending that has left no rainy day fund to deal with the current crisis that we face and the quality of life that is deteriorated under Mayor de Blasio—certainly we could have used a change in direction in 2017.

And although I wasn’t successful in that election, I did win this congressional district with 67% of the vote. And so I decided to return to the assembly. And after this current term, I decided not to seek a reelection and instead run for Congress against another incumbent who I felt wasn’t representing our community well, and that was Congressman Max Rose.

So, two out of three ain’t bad. But here I am and I’m ready to get to work. I think we are facing so many issues right now, not only as a community and a city, and a state, but as a nation. And this is a pivotal moment, pivotal moment in the direction of our country.

I believe that we need individuals who are willing to stand up and fight to preserve our freedoms, our liberties, to preserve the American dream for future generations. Get government back to the basics of what they’re actually supposed to be doing, keeping the public safe, securing our borders, making sure that our children are getting a good education.

These are the things I think people expect from their government. And yet government has somehow gone in all sorts of areas where they don’t belong.

My immediate priorities: making sure that we overcome this pandemic, we reopen our economy. I’ve been pushing for that very strongly locally in New York.

A lot of the arbitrary restrictions we’re seeing coming from our mayor and governor are hurtful, have been very hurtful to the economy and those I represent. And making sure that we get this country back on track economically and restore the American jobs we’ve lost over the last several months.

Allen: I think so many Americans, that’s exactly what is on their mind. They’re realizing this is such a critical moment in history. We’re still dealing with the pandemic, like you say.

There’s all of these issues arising and for conservatives, especially, I think there’s some deep concern that now we’re seeing that Congress is fully controlled by the left. We have a Democratic president in office. So they’re wondering, “OK, what comes next?” We saw on [President Joe] Biden’s first day he signed a number of executive orders to unravel former President Donald Trump’s legacy.

What would you want to say to the American people as far as, “All right, this is the projection for at least the next two years, this is honestly what we’re looking at. But also, as a conservative, this is how I’m going to be standing up and pushing back against that left agenda”?

Malliotakis: Well, they are rightfully concerned with what’s going to happen under one-party Democratic rule. And as somebody who represents New York, I could tell you, when the state Senate flipped from Republican to Democrat and New York became under one-party rule, and beginning in 2019, we saw what a mess it became.

Radical policies, whether it be late-term abortion to the ninth month, whether it be radical changes to our bail system that released criminals back onto our streets, whether it be in laws that gave free college to illegal immigrants, laws that protected those who are here illegally that commit crimes or [are] convicted, to protect them from deportation—there are a number of bad policies that have come out and I’m afraid that a lot of those policies may now become federal policies and we need to be vigilant.

And what I would say is, there is hope in knowing that our freshman class has a dynamic group of people who are just as passionate as I am about preserving our freedoms and liberties and pushing back against socialism.

For me, it’s personal, daughter of a Cuban refugee. … I know what it’s like in other countries and we don’t want to see that happening here in the United States of America. A country like Venezuela, which was the richest nation in South America, and all of a sudden look where it is today. We need to be vigilant about that. We need to push back and expose what they’re doing.

That is why I’ve teamed up with a number of my colleagues, like [Reps.] Carlos Gimenez and Maria Salazar, and also [Rep.] Victoria Spartz, all families who came to this country as mine did to achieve the American dream, but also to escape bad governments. In this case, communism or socialism.

So I think we need to do our work in pushing back, exposing what their policies mean. And hopefully we can protect the nation for two years, where we can then take back the House and restore some type of balance. So that I think is something that we need to be very mindful about.

We need the American people’s help. I mean, they need to phone their legislators. They need to have petitions. They need to make their voices heard. They need to speak out and let their members of Congress know that they shouldn’t be going along with the socialist policies being proposed by people like [Rep.] Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. And that’s the only way we’re going to see some type of balance, is if they hear from the constituents that elected them.

Allen: Rep. Malliotakis, you have been so vocal about doing just that, about pushing back against representatives that are so far on the left, like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, other members of “the squad.”

And you referenced that yourself and other new conservative representatives are really teaming up to push back on that agenda. And you’re calling yourself the Freedom Force.

Could you just explain a little bit about kind of the idea of the Freedom Force and how that came about, that you all sort of teamed up and said, “OK, we need to be this force for liberty and our nation”?

Malliotakis: It was sort of a natural alliance that had occurred in forum during our first week of freshman orientation.

Carlos Gimenez, I’ve known him for a couple of years now. He was the mayor of Miami and he actually came to this country as a 6-year-old boy from Cuba. So he escaped communism and he knows exactly what it’s all about, as does Victoria Spartz, who left the Ukraine, grew up under Soviet Union rule.

And then Maria Salazar, like me, is a daughter of Cuban refugees. And we had this similar bond, similar experiences, our family’s experiences that sort of brought us together.

And we kind of just in a natural way formed this alliance that has sort of taken off, we’ve gotten a lot of media coverage. And the media, I believe, is the one that named us the actual Freedom Force.

But the bottom line is we are people that love this country. We appreciate the opportunity that this country has given us.

To think about Carlos Gimenez or Victoria Spartz, to come here as immigrants and to become members of the United States Congress; the fact that I, the daughter of a Cuban refugee, can become a member of the United States Congress, that is the American dream that we want to preserve for future generations and in order to do that, we have to keep what’s so truly special about this nation.

Allen: I’m really glad that you all have embraced that term, Freedom Force. I think that’s a perfect way to describe you all. What should we expect to see from the Freedom Force over at least the next two years?

Malliotakis: Well, you’re definitely going to see us teaming up and speaking out and pushing back against some of the radical policies that we see come from the Democrats.

We are going to be individuals that introduce legislation that support[s] our law enforcement, that push[es] for our freedoms; make sure that we are speaking out in unison when we need to both for and against policies that benefit the American people and preserve what is so great about this nation, which is freedom and liberty.

I think that you can look to us, certainly, when we see some of the crazy ideas that we are expecting to come from the left, to be there pushing back and being vocal about it and making sure that the people in this country know what exactly these policies are.

Because sometimes you introduce bills or you introduce concepts that may be really, really great ideas or great names, but when you actually look at the details of the legislation, you see how horrible it is.

And people don’t understand what it means that President Biden’s first action was to rejoin the Paris accord and, actually, his first action as president benefited the people of China, communist China, more than it did the Americans. To me, that’s unconscionable, but we need to expose that because people don’t understand.

I support energy efficiency, I am an environmental person, I do cleanups, I support my local waterfronts, making sure that we’re teaching our children about energy efficiency and not littering, I want to curb greenhouse gas emissions, but to support a policy that would put America at a disadvantage, where we have to meet certain standards by 2025, where China and India don’t have to do anything until 2030, doesn’t seem very fair and it is not fair.

And the fact that he just signed back onto this without even trying to get additional concessions to make it more equitable was, I think, not in the best interest of the American people.

So between that and the Keystone Pipeline—which will kill tens of thousands of jobs, union jobs, good paying jobs—[those], to me, are not policies that serve the best interest of America.

So that’s just the first day, it’s just the first day. And there’s a lot more that we’re expecting with amnesty for illegal immigrants and some other policies and rollbacks of some of the good things that President Trump did.

Allen: No, in the first day it was disheartening to see how quickly President Biden is taking these actions.

You mentioned illegal immigration, I know that’s an issue that affects New York. It affects our whole country, but it’s something that you all have definitely dealt with in New York. Could you talk a little bit about your concerns over Biden’s moves on the front of illegal immigration?

Malliotakis: We’re making so much progress in border security, in controlling illegal immigration over the southern border. And he just went and is now looking to just dismantle all of it.

I’m a daughter of immigrants and as such, I have a deep appreciation for individuals who want to achieve the American dream, as my parents did.

I think that we do need to modernize our immigration system, so people don’t have to wait many years and, in some cases, decades to become a citizen of this great country. People that want to come here and work hard and contribute and have a good life, I support that. We have laws and we have procedures and they need to be followed.

And I think that one of the things we see in New York is that our state government and other states have been doing the same, are incentivizing illegal immigration. And whether it be by policies that give free college tuition, or driver’s licenses, or health care, or any other benefits, you’re incentivizing individuals to come here illegally and rewarding that behavior. And I think that that is not something we should be doing as a nation.

We have to make sure we know who is coming in and out of our country. We need a visa entry-exit tracking system. We should be implementing E-Verify and we should be working to modernize our system, of course.

I think that has to be something that we hear all sides and come up with something that is a good policy, not just this knee-jerk response that we’re seeing from President Biden in his first day.

Allen: Yeah. And one of the issues that I know is on the minds of so many Americans is that of election integrity. And you recently co-sponsored a piece of legislation called the Save Democracy Act. Could you just explain what that is and its agenda?

Malliotakis: Yeah, the Save Democracy Act is a bill a number of us have co-sponsored where—look, we want to address the concerns and the irregularities that took place in the 2020 election. We want to make sure that Americans have confidence that the system that we have is one that is secure and there are safeguards put in place.

And so things that we’ve heard from our constituents, they want to see voter ID laws. They want to make sure that we restrict certain types of ballot harvesting tactics. We want to make sure that individuals, if there are automatic voter registration laws in states, that they’re not automatically registering people who provide a foreign identification.

Like, for example, New York just changed its law, where individuals who apply for a driver’s license—and now keep in mind that noncitizens apply for driver’s licenses and any illegal immigrants can have driver’s licenses in the state of New York.

So when they come with a foreign document to apply for that driver’s license, their information is automatically sent to the board of elections to automatically register them to vote, unless they do the due diligence of opting out.

And that is a major issue, where’s the safeguard in that? So we want to make sure that any automatic voter registration laws only take effect when an individual comes forward with a proof of citizenship, and that’s another safeguard in place as well.

Also, when it comes to tabulation and audits and making sure that we restore faith in the tens of millions of Americans who feel that some things went wrong in this election cycle.

So that is the goal of this and I think it’s a very worthy goal, and we need to work toward that. Especially at a time—remember [House Speaker] Nancy Pelosi had attempted to insert all sorts of radical election law changes into the COVID relief package of all places.

She wanted to have the automatic voter registration and ballot harvesting and eliminating, banning states from having voter ID laws, … same-day voter registration.

Imagine that, you come to a polling site on Election Day and you can register and vote without giving [the] board of elections the proper time to vet you, make sure you’re a citizen, that you actually live in the jurisdiction, and that you meet the requirements.

These are the things that we need to be mindful of as we’re going forward. And I think it’s a good bill and I’m proud to be a co-sponsor and we’re going to continue to advocate for it.

Allen: Representative, before we let you go, I want to ask, over the next two years, what do you really hope your legacy to be?

Malliotakis: Well, I ran my campaign on ensuring that we push for public safety, that we support our law enforcement, that we give them the tools that they need to do their job.

So, certainly, any way that I can support public safety for the people that I represent, border security for our nation, making sure that our men and women in blue have support and the resources and the tools to do their jobs, it’s very important to me.

Also, transportation infrastructure. I think it is important that we start focusing on this because there [are] investments that do need to be made for dealing with population growth and economic growth in various cities and states.

I could tell you, coming from New York, where we have such aging infrastructure, subway signals, a lot of it’s relying on pre-World War II-condition equipment. We need to look at modernizing where we can and investing in infrastructure I think is a very important, worthy thing.

I think that between those two policy points—plus somebody who is going to stand up against socialism and make sure that we do preserve this nation and what makes it truly special.

So I think the American people can count on me to be somebody who will be that voice against Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the squad. It’s personal to me. And I know that we do have a fight ahead of us and we’re going to have to continue forging ahead because I know it’s the right thing to do.

Allen: Rep. Malliotakis, all the best to you in that fight. Thank you so much for joining the show today.

Malliotakis: I appreciate your time. Thank you.

LifeNews Note: Virginia Allen writes for The Daily Signal, where this column originally appeared.

27 Jan

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Runs for Arkansas Governor to Take on the Radical Pro-Abortion Left

via LifeNews.com January 25, 2021 at 09:13AM

Former White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced Monday she is running to become governor of Arkansas. The pro-life advocate was one of President Donald Trump’s press secretaries and she is the daughter of pro-life former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, who ran for president.

Sanders said she is running for governor because she wants to take on the “radical left” that is pro-abortion and targeting conservatives.

“The radical left’s solution is to impose government control and censorship from the top down, but their socialism and cancel culture will not heal America — it will only further divide and destroy us,” the 38-year-old says. “Everything we love about America is at stake and with the radical left in control of Washington your government is the last line of defense.”

“In fact, your governor must be on the frontline,” she said. “So today, I announce my candidacy for governor of Arkansas.”

Here’s more from her statement:

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“I was the first White House press secretary to require Secret Service protection because of a credible violent threat against me. We’ve seen violence in our streets, at a Congressional baseball practice, and our Capitol. This is not who we are as Americans. To remain free, we must have law and order and resolve our differences peacefully. The radical left’s ‘solution’ is to impose government control and censorship from the top down. But their socialism and cancel culture will not heal America – it will only further divide and destroy us…I will defend your right to be free of socialism and tyranny, your second amendment right to keep your family safe, and your freedom of speech and religious liberty.”

“The real test of a leader is not the way you handle the issues you know are coming – it’s rising to the moment in a crisis you can never plan for. I have been tested under fire, successfully managing one crisis after another in one of the most difficult, high-pressure jobs in all of government… enduring relentless attacks, but getting the job done…As your governor, I will not be intimidated by the serious challenges we face. I will courageously lead.”

“I will stand with our brave law enforcement officers…prohibit sanctuary cities…and fight back against the radical environmental policies like the Green New Deal that threaten to destroy so many jobs. I will take on the bureaucracy, reduce the cost and size of government, and make it accountable to you. I will lower the state income tax to reward hard work, allow our businesses to compete, grow, and prosper, and create more good jobs. I will champion good schools and good teachers, but also offer more choices to parents of kids in failing schools. Every child must have the opportunity of a quality education – and no child should ever be trapped in a life of poverty and despair.”

“We will succeed, but only if we the hold the line against the attacks on our freedom and push forward with fresh ideas under a new generation of leadership… As governor, I will defend our freedom and lead with heart…”

Sarah Huckabee Sanders served as White House press secretary for President Donald J. Trump from 2017 to 2019. A trusted confidant of the President, Sarah advised him on everything from press and communications strategy to personnel and policy.

Sarah has previously worked in leadership roles for U.S. Senators, Governors, and presidential campaigns. In Arkansas, Sarah was a senior advisor to Senator Tom Cotton in 2014 when he defeated incumbent Democratic Senator Mark Pryor, and was campaign manager for Senator John Boozman in 2010 when he defeated incumbent Democratic Senator Blanche Lincoln. In 2007 and 2008, Sarah helped lead her father, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, to victory in the Iowa Caucuses and seven other states as his national political director. S

Sanders said the abortion movement tells women “they have to choose between their dreams and their children.”

Sanders’s foreword is included in “Life Is Winning,” an examination of the pro-life movement to be published Aug. 25. The book was written by Susan B. Anthony List President Marjorie Dannenfelser.

“It makes no sense that in the most prosperous and free country in the history of the world, anyone would still be telling women they have to choose between their dreams and their children—but that’s precisely what the abortion movement does,” Sanders wrote. “When we reject this demeaning double standard, life wins.”

Sanders noted that the book said in a “compelling and winsome way” that “the pro-life movement in America has persisted in the face of adversity for nearly half a century” and has “never been stronger than right now.”

“I’m beyond proud of all we have accomplished together with President Trump in the White House,” Sanders said, noting that one of the proudest moments during her time in the Trump administration was when Trump became the first president to attend the March for Life.

“It was the greatest honor and adventure to go to work every day serving in the administration of a true patriot who knows that for America to be great, we must stand up for the equal value of each human being,” she added. Sanders left the White House at the end of June 2019.

27 Jan

Nancy Pelosi’s Bishop Slams Her on Abortion: You Don’t Understand “Thou Shalt Not Kill”

via LifeNews.com January 21, 2021 at 04:42PM

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Catholic bishop issued a strong statement condemning her pro-abortion stance Thursday, saying the congresswoman is supporting “one of the most heinous evils imaginable.”

Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone of San Francisco responded to Pelosi after she slammed pro-life voters Monday for “being willing to sell the whole democracy down the river for that one issue,” abortion. Pelosi, a pro-abortion Democrat who represents San Francisco in Congress, said their votes caused her “great grief as a Catholic.”

In a statement Thursday, Cordileone said Pelosi does not speak for the Catholic Church, and her abortion advocacy contradicts one of its most fundamental teachings.

“Christians have always understood that the commandment, ‘Thou shall not kill,’ applies to all life, including life in the womb,” the archbishop said. “Around the end of the first century the Letter of Barnabas states: ‘You shall not slay the child by procuring abortion; nor, again, shall you destroy it after it is born.’”

Cordileone also quoted Pope Francis who, in 2019, said eliminating a human life in an abortion is never the answer to any problem.

He said Pelosi owes pro-life voters an apology. Noting President Joe Biden’s call for unity and healing, he said the congresswoman’s comments did the opposite.

“Speaker Pelosi has chosen this week to impugn the motives of millions of Catholics and others for choosing to make voting on the issue of abortion their priority and accuses them of ‘selling out democracy,’” he continued.

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While there are many important issues that Catholics must consider when they vote, the archbishop said no Catholic can support abortion in good conscience.

“‘Right to choose’ is a smokescreen for perpetuating an entire industry that profits from one of the most heinous evils imaginable,” Cordileone said. “Our land is soaked with the blood of the innocent, and it must stop.”

Abortion is considered a priority by many voters, not just Catholics, because it destroys more human lives than any other cause. Since 1973, more than 62 million unborn babies have been legally aborted in the U.S.

Cordileone praised the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops for encouraging Catholics to make ending abortion a “preeminent priority.”

“… as Catholics, we will continue to speak out on behalf of those who have no voice to speak for themselves and reach out to, comfort and support those who are suffering the scars of the abortion experience,” he concluded. “We will do so, until our land is finally rid of this despicable evil.”

Earlier this week, Cordileone also thanked Archbishop Jose Gomez, president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, for “stating clearly once again that opposing the injustice of abortion remains our ‘preeminent priority,’ while acknowledging that ‘preeminent’ does not mean ‘only,’” in his statement about Biden. Like Pelosi, Biden supports abortion on demand while professing to be a devout Catholic.

Pelosi says she is a devout Catholic, but many of her actions contradict her faith. Among other things, she wants to force taxpayers to pay for elective abortions and force nuns who serve the poor and elderly to cover contraception that may cause abortions in their employee health plans. Once, she even called her support for killing viable, late-term unborn babies in abortions “sacred ground.”

27 Jan

Fauci Confirms Joe Biden Will Make Americans Fund Planned Parenthood’s Global Abortion Agenda

via LifeNews.com January 21, 2021 at 01:57PM

Dr. Anthony Fauci confirmed at a WHO meeting today that Joe Biden will overturn President Donald Trump’s pro-life rules and force Americans to fund International Planned Parenthood and its global abortion agenda.

Biden plans to quickly reverse the progress that President Donald Trump made for life by ending an executive order that defunded the International Planned Parenthood abortion business of millions of taxpayer dollars.

The Mexico City Policy, established by President Ronald Reagan, traditionally gets repealed by Democrat presidents and reinstated by Republican presidents. It prohibits taxpayer funding to international aid groups that promote and/or do abortions, including Planned Parenthood’s international arm.

President Trump reinstated and later expanded the policy to cut off more streams of revenue to international pro-abortion groups. His actions defunded the International Planned Parenthood Federation of about $100 million and the British abortion chain Marie Stopes International (now MSI Reproductive Choices) of about $73 million in U.S. tax dollars.

Today, Fauci confirmed Biden will reverse the pro-life policy:

“It will be our policy to support women’s and girls’ sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights in the United States, as well as globally,” Fauci said, according to prepared transcripts of Thursday’s World Health Organization executive board meeting. “To that end, President Biden will be revoking the Mexico City Policy in the coming days, as part of his broader commitment to protect women’s health and advance gender equality at home and around the world.”

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Fauci’s comments came only hours after Press Secretary Jen Psaki dodged a question Wednesday night on Biden’s abortion policy by telling reporters that Biden is “a devout Catholic.

In his first pro-abortion action as president, Joe Biden has written to the United Nations and informed it that the United States is rejoining and renewing funding for the pro-abortion World Health Organization. The WHO has come under fire from pro-life advocates for promoting abortion and it has received criticism for its poor handling of and deception about the coronavirus.

Fauci was at the WHO meeting after Biden made that decision.

Nationally, Planned Parenthood, a billion-dollar non-profit that does more than 340,000 abortions a year, also could see more federal tax dollars come its way now that Democrats control the federal government.

Its executives expect that the incoming president also will repeal Trump’s Protect Life rule, which defunded Planned Parenthood of an additional $50 million through the Title X program.

Abortion activists are pressuring Biden to end the Hyde Amendment as well. The long-standing amendment prohibits taxpayer funding for elective abortions in Medicaid. Biden could not end the measure by executive order, however; Congress also would need to vote to end it.

Biden’s plans and the people leading his administration are radically pro-abortion. They also oppose religious freedom protections for Catholic charities and employers. His vice president, Kamala Harris, has been accused of anti-Catholic bigotry. She also prosecuted pro-life undercover journalists who exposed Planned Parenthood’s aborted baby body parts trade.

If Biden does what he promised, abortions could increase across America. Not only does he plan to codify Roe v. Wade into federal law in case the U.S. Supreme Court overturns it, he also wants to end the life-saving Hyde Amendment and force taxpayers to pay for elective abortions.

In April, Biden went so far as to call the killing of unborn babies an “essential medical service” during the coronavirus pandemic. His health care plan would expand abortions as well by forcing insurance companies to cover abortions as “essential” health care under Obamacare.