19 Mar

Sneak Peek of UNPLANNED (27m)

Wow – you have got to watch this sneak peek of the UNPLANNED movie. It is amazing what the Lord has done – but this 27-minute video will also rip your heart out. I can’t imagine what the movie itself is going to do!

While I hope and pray that those who are pro-choice and are pro-Planned Parenthood see the movie and have their hearts changed, I also hope that the Christian seeing this movie will be awakened to action! Awakened to prayer; awakened to plead with God for the souls of those choosing death over life; awakened to want to know what God wants them to do! More prayer warriors are needed on Grove Road every hour the Piedmont Women’s Clinic (the abortion center) is open. More prayer warriors are needed to call our local, state and federal governments and demand our policies and laws be changed to support life!