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Poll: 76 percent of Americans would limit abortion to first trimester

via Live Action News January 25, 2018 at 12:17PM

This week was the 45th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, which opened the door for the deaths of 60 million preborn babies. The abortion lobby wasted no time celebrating, and gleefully announcing that 7 in 10 Americans support the Roe v. Wade decision. It didn’t take long for #7in10forRoe to begin trending. But the problem is that these tweets leave out the details about Americans’ support for abortion — things like the fact that most want it limited to the first trimester, and most want it banned after 20 weeks.

These people are technically correct: most Americans do support legalized abortion — but there’s more to the story. Where the industry — largely led by Planned Parenthood — diverges from what Americans are willing to accept is in its limits and restrictions. The industry isn’t satisfied with mere legality. “Safe, legal, and rare” has long since been abandoned; now, the call is for taxpayer-funded abortion, on demand, up until the moment of birth.

But Americans strongly disagree with this idea.

In the video below, former abortionist Dr. Anthony Levatino explains a typical first trimester abortion procedure, the suction aspiration method. It is very violent, ripping the developing child from the womb — a child who has a beating heart and brain waves, and who can even make facial expressions:

Every year, Marist polls American attitudes toward abortion, and its most recently released polling results show that a small majority — 51 percent to 44 percent — identify as “pro-choice,” which is somewhat typical over the past 10 years.

But what isn’t usually publicized is how much people support restrictions on this so-called “medical procedure.” Here’s what supporters of Roe v. Wade are not telling you:

  • Of those polled, 76 percent responded that abortion should be limited to the first trimester, and permitted only in very rare circumstances (rape, incest, or to save the mother’s life).
  • A majority of Americans also see abortion as morally wrong, with six in 10 saying that it is also morally wrong to have an abortion because the preborn baby is diagnosed with a defect or disability like Down syndrome.
  • Of those polled, 52 percent believe that abortion does women more harm than good.
  • 63 percent of Americans want abortion banned after 20 weeks.
  • Almost 8 in 10 Americans want laws protecting both women and their preborn children.

These poll numbers show how out of touch the industry is with the American people. And the permissiveness of America’s abortion laws is extreme compared to those of the rest of the world. But while these poll numbers are a good place to start, it’s not enough.

47 percent of respondents said that they believe that life begins at conception. And these people are correct: the science of fetal development proves that preborn children are living human beings, even though they are small in the first trimester. These preborn babies deserve to be protected also, and we can’t stop fighting until every preborn life is protected, no matter how young they may be.

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