01 Jul

SCCL: End of a Pro-Life Era: Beginning of Another

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Subject: End of a Pro-Life Era
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End of a Pro-Life Era;
Beginning of Another
With the results of the Republican Primary runoff elections Tuesday, June 28, the pro-life movement in South Carolina bids farewell to two stalwart right-to-life trailblazers, Senator Mike Fair, R-Greenville, and Senator Wes Hayes, R-York who were defeated in their respective bids for re-election.

Governor Campbell signs
First Pro-Life Law in 1990
In the words of South Carolina Citizens for Life President Lisa Van Riper, “These two men remind me of the guys who were willing to storm Normandy to forge the path to Berlin. They were our first go-to legislators on pro-life bills. They were there at the signing of the first pro-life law, the Parental Consent Act, and they are the ones who made the passage of the next 14 pro-life laws possible.”
In their tenure, Senator Fair who served in the S.C, House from 1984 to 1995 and in
the Senate from 1995-to 2016, and Senator Hayes who served in the House from 1985 to 1991 and in the Senate from 1991 to 2016 saw abortions occurring in South Carolina decline by a dramatic 59 percent since the peak in 1988. The most recent prolife victory was the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act signed into law in May by Governor Nikki Haley.
Senators Fair and Hayes served to see South Carolina stop abortion on demand with the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act which prohibits abortion at the point an unborn baby can feel horrific pain. Science documents that the baby can feel pain by 20 weeks of development if not earlier.
While we say good-by to our long-time advocates, we also welcome their successors who will continue the strong efforts of our General Assembly to protect innocent human life before birth and the medically vulnerable members of our human family whose lives are threatened by rationing of life-saving medical care and euthanasia.
As the SCCL graph shows, there is a remarkable correlation between passing pro-life laws and the dramatic decline in the number of abortions occurring in South Carolina.
The 1990 photograph on this page shows Governor Carol Campbell signing the first piece of pro-life legislation passed in South Carolina, the Parental Consent Act. Immediately to the Governor’s right is Representative Wes Hayes who joined the Senate in 1991. Directly behind Senator Hayes is Representative Mike Fair who joined the Senate in 1995.
Others in the photograph from left to right are State Senator Joe Wilson (now U.S. Congressman Joe Wilson); former Senator Jim Bryan, and Representative Terry Haskins who died in 2000. Directly behind Governor Campbell is former Senator David Thomas. Directly to Governor Campbell’s left is former SCCL Executive Director Brenda Hucks Cerkez, then former Representative Carol Wells, and SCCL members Mark and Julie Dever. Directly behind Mrs. Dever is Senator Warren Guise who died in 2013, and to his left is former Governor David Beasley who was a member of the S.C. House. Governor Campbell died in 2005.
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