nilsson_rm_photo_of_20_week_fetusThe Greenville Women’s Clinic has been open since 1977 and in that time over 94,249 babies have perished at the hands of the abortionists.  In 2013 alone (the most current numbers available), they took the lives of 2,064 unborn babies.  Not only does this number represent the lives of babies, but it also represents a multitude of men and women who are hurting.

While many are aware that Greenville has an abortion clinic, most always assume that others have taken up the mantle of ministry there.  It is shocking to learn that of the 49 hours that the clinic operates, only about 10-12 hours are covered with a pro-life presence at the entrance.  Now is the time to not only claim you pro-life stance with words, but to proclaim it with you actions.  What an opportunity the Christians of Greenville have to minister at the front-line: the entrance to the abortion clinic and the last opportunity we have to be the voice for the unborn.

Has the Lord has softened your heart and opened your eyes to the holocaust that has been happening right here in your community?  Can you no longer ignore the suffering that is the result of abortion?  If you want to see a change in your community, then join the growing group of individuals who minister outside the abortion clinic on a regular basis.

The Greenville Women’s Clinic is open 49 hours each week.  If 49 Christians (or groups of Christians) would be willing to faithfully minister for one hour each week, we could have a presence outside the abortion clinic every hour they are open. Faithful prayer, love, and outreach could shut the abortion clinic in Greenville down for good, and reach many lives for the glory of the Lord.

“Then he said to them,’The harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few; therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.'”  Luke 10:2

Please pray if it is the Lord’s will for you to give an hour a week to be a laborer of His harvest.  Please pray for those who are already ministering to the hurting parents of the unborn.  Please pray for the abortion clinic workers, that the scales would fall from their eyes and they will cease their destruction of the unborn.

Are YOU willing to STAND for LIFE?